disneyland (again)

whew. this was, by far, the most tiring disneyland trip we’ve had in the past four months. har har. for those of you not keeping up, this was sadie’s fourth trip. within one year.

yes, we are crazy. but when you get season passes, you’ve gotta use ’em! so use them we did. this time was the company trip, which was a blast. thanks again to jeff (rory’s dad/boss) for the tickets and hotel!

so here we go:

day one.

sadie loves sunglasses. my siblings love wrecking pictures. jarom loves sadie. jarom loves funny pictures with sadie. sadie does NOT love pirates of the caribbean. cries most of the time. i love disney buildings. we ALL love each other. i love the carousel. luckily, sadie does not cry at this one. sadie does NOT love her pirate hat given to her at the blue bayou. proceeds to tear it up.

day two.
cassy loves sadie. we love our boys with their girls. sadie LOVES the dumbo ride. ditto the teacups. she also loves the water feature in a bug’s land. sadie’s not sure about the gerbils, or guinea pigs, or whatever those things are. sadie loves her straw and new cup. sadie loves tex tumbleweed.

let me interject into all the love there for a minute. we were treated to an amazing bbq in a frontierland restaurant, and there was even entertainment. tex tumbleweed was the favorite, mostly because he could sing really fast and make up songs on the spot. he sang to most of the babies in our group, and sadie was turned around in her chair most of the dinner, watching the show onstage. so cute 🙂
day three.
sadie loves bath hair. rory would like sadie to not get a leaf to the eye. sadie loves walking around disneyland. i love this moose. don’t know why. we love it’s a small world. however, do not love still having the song stuck in my head. sadie and rayne love their matching shirts. (well, color wise) sadie does not know what to think of minnie. she loves minnie’s house though!

funny story, once sadie caught sight of minnie in the line, she kept saying “nininini”. she recognized her from her two dolls she has. once we got to her, all she wanted was to get away. then, we snapped the picture, walked away, and it was arms outstretched “nininini”. of course. lol.

then on our way home yesterday (which is a tale i never wish to repeat or remember), we came across a wildfire right by the freeway.

it was kind of cool to see the firefighter’s response. they mobilized super quick. the fire was mostly out by the time we got there, but we saw 6 or 7 aircraft flying around and a dozen fire engines.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun but exhausting trip! Your pictures of Sadie just keep getting cuter! Love her Disney outfit. I sympathize with cry car babies…Mia still cries for periods of time (like an hour) when we drive for longer than (an hour). It is a strain!

  2. I love all the pictures. The story of Sadie and Minnie Mouse is so cute! You are so lucky to live near family and do fun things with them.
    We need to plan on doing something together before the crazy holiday season captures us.

  3. I am so glad that you had a great time and are home safe and sound!

  4. That was a tiring trip! Still fun, but 3 days is definitely the max when you’ve got little ones. And I will be requesting a detailed recap of what happened on your trip home. haha!!

  5. Hey Jess! This is your long-lost cousin Melia. I love reading everything you guys are doing, and the pictures are super cute… Yay! Thinking of you all!

  6. I am so jealous!! I’m named after Disney and I’ve never even been to Disney Land!
    Your daughter is completely adorable by the way!!

    P.S. Thank you for the comment on my blog! It perked me right up! :o) You’re very sweet.

  7. Funny, I remember that fire. I got a picture of the smoke on my cell phone before I dashed off to work. It was in Saugus.

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