Itty Bitty baby dress and bow clips

I decided to tackle this little dress yesterday, with no help from my sister or mom. (I hate patterns and always need their help) I do ok with easy straight lines, so this dress was challenging, but not too difficult! I had the material all picked out, so I just went for it. It only took an hour and a half or so, the hardest part was getting the gathers to line up with the bodice. But, it’s done! phew. Here is where I got the tutorial….and here’s a quick pic.

itty bitty baby dress

Also I made some cute ribbon clips. These are prototypes, and need some work, (mostly I need practice with the glue gun) but here’s the basic idea!


  1. Great job, super cute fabric too! cute clips, what about a flower in the middle of the bow instead of a loop? Also there are some really cute crafty buttons that might look super cute too. Just a thought.

  2. Cute dress! Your first attempt looks really awesome. Mine would be all crooked.

  3. You are so good at sewing! I can’t even sew a straight line! Love that dress.

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