Simplicity 7365

Gotcha! Not another top for me this time! hehe. I’m such a jokester. yuk yuk.

Seriously though, I’m kind of tired of seeing myself on the blog everyday for the past week, so here’s a little bit o’ (retro) Sadie cuteness.

I picked this fab vintage pattern up thrifting the other day and made a dress for Sadie with it. (bonus with used patterns: they’re sometimes already cut out for you!) Although it said it was a size 1 it was big on her.

I really liked the collar scoopy thing. It was a really simple dress, and so fun to make it using the cute vintage directions and pictures. (which, I think were clearer back then, than they are now!) It was missing the back facing pattern, but it was pretty simple to draft it up. (….draft it up, draft it up, draft it up, draft it up…my daddy taught me good…tell me you know what I’m referencing here! No? Go google “back it up lady” . lol)

The fabrics are from the Riley Blake Farm Fresh line, from my awesome sponsor, Lark Cottons. Main fabric is Farmhouse in Cream and the accent fabric is Haybale in Pink…I also added the big button for some interest…I wish I’d had two matching buttons but alas it was not meant to be. It’ll be flying solo on this dress. Hope it’s up for the challenge.

Sadie has started this coming-in-close thing with the camera at the ends of photo shoots. teehehe.


  1. What a sweet dress! :) The fabrics you used compliment the style perfectly! Your little lady looks very adorable!

  2. I love vintage kids’ patterns! Your fabrics are too cute. I love your blog, although I’m jealous that you get so many projects done and I can barely carve out time to sew!

  3. sweet !

  4. The dress is adorable…but that last pic is to die for! :)

  5. LOL on the “draft it up!” we watched that video about a hundred times in the office.. thanks for getting it back in my head!
    Very cute dress.

  6. She looks so sweet in the dress!

  7. Oh! Very cute! I recently got some vintage Simplicity patterns given to me, and I can’t wait to use them to sew for my daughter. One of them is a coat pattern!

  8. Ive been hunting a vintage pattern my mother used for us growing up and I used for oldest daughter. I need to do some thrift shopping to see if I can unearth it. thank you for the idea.

  9. Adorei ! Assim como você, também sou fanática por roupinhas infantis, embora eu não tenha filhos ainda…:( Me delicio a cada vestido novo postado em seu blog!

  10. I absolutely love that fabric!! You are very talented, I would love to sew but don’t even know where to start!

  11. Sweet dress!! She is adorable!

    I have a fun rosette headband/necklace giveaway going on this week that you would like–it’s the perfect accessory!

  12. she’s so adorable…

  13. she is so cute! and you always know the right fabrics to use! :) teach me your ways!!! lol


  14. She’s adorable in her cute new dress. Love the fabrics you used too.

  15. That fabric combo is too sweet, Jess. Personally, I love the single button :)

  16. very cute dress!

  17. Love the fabric. Sadie is such a sweetie.
    But it was nice to see you make some stuff for yourself. x

  18. She is truly TOO cute!! That last picture is killer. Love that vintage dress

  19. I’m always happy when I find vintage patterns at the thrift store. This dress is so cute and your daughter is adorable!!

  20. I have this pattern, but I never thought it would turn out so cute with today’s fabrics.

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