the Anna dress Part 1: pattern and pieces

Alrighty roo! Day one of the Anna dress sew along! You ready to rock and roll?

Pattern time! We’ll start off making a basic bodice pattern if you don’t already have one, and then altering it for this dress.

Get the full tutorial after the jump!

So. Find a shirt that fits your child.
Lay it out, folded in half like so. I use freezer paper for my patterns-but you could use anything. Even a few pieces of copy paper taped together. (been there…done that)
Trace around your shirt like so, adding room for your seam allowance. (I use a 3/8″ S.A.)

Make sure to trace around the front neckline, you can add in your back neckline later or trace another pattern to add it to.

This is what it should look like! I trimmed my pattern so that it hit at more of her natural waistline though. (you can measure or hold it up to another shirt or dress for reference) You’ll be adding the waistband later too, so that will add some inches. Just be aware of that.

You can see I traced the shoulder seam, front neckline, fold line, and armhole. I then extended the side seam at a slant out about another 1.5″, to make room for the gathers later.

I also drew in the back neckline, and added space for my buttons in front by adding another inch to the fold line. Normally I would trace another separate pattern but I am almost out of freezer paper so I didn’t have enough! I would suggest tracing another one though.

hopefully these pics help!

Then I made my sleeve pattern by sketching out a sleeve similar to this one-gathered sleeves are really forgiving!

Then I cut out two back pieces on the fold line, with the back neckline. One of the lining, one of the main fabric. (fold the neckline or button placket out of the way when needed)

Cut 4 pieces of the front piece, 2 of lining, 2 of main fabric.

Also cut four sleeves, on the fold. 2 of lining, 2 of main fabric.

Tomorrow: the bodice!


  1. Must admit I was stalking your blog this morning, waiting for the first of the tutorial post. I’m so excited to try this!

  2. This is so cute. It makes me want to sew along. We’ll see how my week goes. ;)

  3. Very cute dress!!! I really would like to make one for my little girl. Thank you for the tutorial…

  4. Done! Can’t wait for tomorrow! :D

  5. you seriously amaze me! this looks so fun!

  6. Done! I need more! ;) Waiting for tomorrow post

  7. So cute Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower! Kristy from a crafty healthy blog! Ever want to do a guest post? I am a small new blog and would love to have you over to showcase your amazing work! Kristy

  8. this is tyhe perfect way to start off Kids Clothes Week! loving the fabric i got for this… do you have an adult size tute ? ;)

  9. My pieces are cut out & I’m ready for tomorrow! SO excited for my first sew along!

    Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life


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