rapunzel, rapunzel….

….Let down your hair!

I just had to make a Rapunzel (from the new Disney movie) dress for Sadie. (had to-meaning…I am very slightly off my rocker when it comes to dress up)

 I used this dress as a starting point, but made it a lot simpler-no overlay on the skirt, embroidery, etc.

 I sewed on some ribbon for the stripey sleeves-love how that turned out! I cut my front bodice piece in half-them trimmed it down til there was room for the white piece, trimmed the edges in bias tape, and then sewed ribbon in a zig zag pattern to a piece of white satin-then sewed that underneath the front piece. (no tute this time, so i hope that made some sort of sense)

Next on my hit list:
Sleeping Beauty
Belle, redux. 

 (the elastic on Sadie’s dress shrunk up and is now knee length at best, hehe. Oh well!)


  1. wow! my girls dress up is seriously lacking in anything even resembling the dress up you are making! So awesome!

  2. I love this. I would let her wear it to the grocery store just because it’s so cute. :)

  3. Jess, this is SSOOOOOO cute! i love the ribbon on the sleeves! Awesome job!!!!!

  4. That is so cute.

  5. I just love it! So pretty! I want to make one for my little girl!

  6. super cute! Are you going to do a less-naked variation for Jasmine, or waiting for summer for that one? hehe. I’m looking forwards to seeing Aurora/Sleeping Beauty! I think it’s funny that she’s one of The Disney Princesses, you know, the ones on all the merchandise… but yet, most people I talk to don’t even know her name. I don’t know what makes her a top pick… I guess she’s one of the originals, but still…

  7. Super cute. I just love those stripey sleeves. :)

  8. Adorable! Love the color (and the hit list). How did I miss Rapunzel? Or has it not come out yet?

  9. I love the purple! I am amazed at the clothes you sew for your daughters. You are so talented!


  10. What a lucky litle princess.

  11. Hmmm…you may be entering the realm of 12 STEP PROGRAM REQUIRED!

  12. Oh my goodness!! That is so cute! I love the look of this dress!! I just might have to try to make one for my girls. (They are so close in sizes that they can share just about everything!)


  13. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That is GORGEOUS!! I’m totally jealous of your mad skills!

  14. This is my favorite so far and I think it would be a darling prom dress with a little sparkle added to the lace. I know I am old fashioned.

  15. Super cute!!! I love the ribbons on the sleeves, too.
    My girls would die of sheer pleasure if I made them one of these.

  16. can you do a fancy nancy dress? pleeaaase?!

  17. This is gorgeous as usual, Jess! I think Sadie probably has the best dress-up selection of any little girl on the planet. Has the movie even come out yet?! You’re really on your game!

  18. Quick question, what did you use in the back to keep it closed? Velcro, zipper, something else?

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