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Who’s the fairest of them all? In this house-it’s Sadie! She definitely has the prettiest clothes of us all.
As you can tell, I’ve been on a dress up kick-I can’t resist all that costume fabric on sale at Joanns! This dress only set me Rory back about $4. Can’t beat that. Seriously. I’d like to see someone try. 😉
I love her little toddler belly poking out the bodice. haha. I used the Sadie shirt bodice pattern again…and the sleeves were so fun! I had the idea to pleat the red so it would look more…slashed sleeve-esque.
hmm. You know what I mean?
I took pics for the sleeves so I’ll put up a tutorial sometime!

Of course I had to make a bow headband to match! Thanks to my pal Cassy-she saved the day with the red satin-they were out of it at Joann’s! They were out of yellow also, but I kinda like the gold, so it worked out.


  1. It’s gorgeous!!! I think you need to start selling little girl costumes in your shop!! SERIOUSLY! I’d buy ’em!

  2. Do you have to bribe her with chocolate chips to get her to pose in her dress up clothes? I love the way the sleeves turned out–I think my favorite, though, is the bow. It’s so perfect and bow-y.

  3. Oh my goodness!! That is beautiful! My girls saw me checking out your blog and were jumping around saying they wanted one too! I do love the sleeves and the bow. I also love it when the toddler belly sticks out a bit like that..it is just too cute!

  4. Super cute. I am totally impressed.

  5. very nice. I like the gold better than yellow, I think that a lucky misfortune.

  6. She looks absolutely adorable. And I know what you mean about those sleeves, what a great idea. Very cute!

  7. Way cute and the bow headband completes the outfit. Sadie is so lucky to have dress up clothes. YOur a wonderful momma.

  8. It turned out adorable!!! I love the sleeves. Very princess like :)

  9. You can see how much Sadie loves her costumes, and her sweet mama who makes them for her.

  10. Adorable!! She looks like a little princess herself — especially in that first photo!

    Oh, and I say gold was the ONLY way to go! :o)

  11. Oh Sadie is so pretty and happy! Great looking dress and price tag!

  12. Sadie looks so cute and very happy! Great job!

  13. WOW!! How much would I have to pay you to make one for my little girl?? I’m in love with all of these dress ups! If only my sewing skills were up to par… :(

    ps- yes, the gold is fantastic!!

  14. So very cute! GREAT job. My little Miss Muffet would love that!

    Did you get the new JoAnn sales circular yet? Lots of goodies that have been on sale already are STILL on sale! YAY!

  15. LUCKY girl! Amazing job on all the dress-ups…ALL of them are AMAZING! Sadie is so so so cute

  16. Yes, yes. I made this dress possible. haha! It is so cute!

  17. Just adorable!! Sure is the fairest of them all. Love Posie

  18. Can I just say fabulous! All of them. Every single princess dress. What a lucky girl to have such an amazing Mom. She is the fairest of them all. She is a cutie.

  19. You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re daughter is the cutest thing ever. And hello, where can I buy your sewing skills from?

    I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see your halloween costumes.

  20. You did many beautiful costumes for Sadie. Honestly, you make me jealous :) . Which ones will she put on when halloween comes? Can´t wait to see.

  21. This is adorable. This is by far my favorite of the princess dresses you’ve made for Sadie recently. She looks absolutely perfect in it. Those sleeves are amazing!

  22. awww, so cute! I love it! I just realized my daughter’s never even seen this movie to love it. This must be remedied immediatly!

  23. Ohmygosh! Yes, please with the slashed sleeves tutorial. This turned out amazing (though I think that cutie could model a paper bag!)
    Still working on my sadie shirt…

  24. So cute! Our cuties were next to each other on Creation Corner’s linky party, so I had to come and tell you how cute she is and what a great job you did!



  25. Stinkin Adorable! And the model is TOO cute!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  26. So very cute! Love the grin on your happy girl too! She is a lucky girl to have such a clever mom to make her all those costumes!

  27. feel free to link it up to my HALLOWEEN COSTUME party going on now!!! there will be a prize for the top three costumes :)

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