grad cupcakes

My little sister graduated from our community college last night…she was honored, got a plaque for being a honor scholar. What a smarty pants. jk, congrats Jo. We had a little party after wards for her at our house, so of course I had to make a last minute banner, and cupcakes!

They’re made from upside down Reese’s cups, chocolate covered graham crackers, Reese’s pieces, and a string of licorice. cute, no? Not original, but tasty. I will add the recipes I used later, we’re headed off to Monterey with my family to enjoy the sunshine!


  1. mmmmm….I wanna reeses peanut butter cup now!

  2. Very cleaver, enjoy Monterey!

  3. omg, those are the cutest things ever! My dh thinks I am nuts, I am, but I still love those cupcakes! Very cool, thank you so much for sharing, Elaine

  4. Those are so adorable! I love them, congrats to your sister!

  5. oh we can get reeses cups and things in some shops over here in nz, not to sure what graham crackers are tho! biscuts maybe? our crackers certainly arent covered in yummy chocolate!!! they are really cool!

  6. Cute cupcakes! I love chocolate covered grahams!! so addicting!

  7. Love the cupcakes. I will definitely be using that idea.

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