independent woman?

hopped in my parents rv for an impromptu trip to monterey this morning. it was high tide at the “beach”, so we got to see some awesome waves, like the one above. gnarly. we enjoyed some sandwiches, clementines, and cookies for lunch, and then headed outside to see the waves and birds closer.

sadie had fun peeking out the window at us…

alas, fun cannot always last…she wanted to walk around by herself outside, but as you can see in the picture below, there was a short but still dangerous drop to the beach. how to explain that to an independent toddler?

well, you can try, but most of the time i just get limp noodle sadie. that is SO annoying.

we’re all just standing around marveling at how stubborn she can get. whatevs, sades, lay on the ground all day for all i care. heh.

my dad started tossing some bread and got the seagulls’ attention. sadie was super excited about the teet teets (birds) at first, but then after about 57 birds came within 15 feet of us, she started saying no no and wanted to go in the RV. hehe.

at this point rory was passed out in the bedroom of the RV, having, we guess, caught the stomach bug going around. poor guy. :( also, my camera battery died a few days after charging it…grr…so i borrowed my grandma’s camera, thanks grandma!)

dennis the menace park was next, where sadie tested out all the slides. some by herself, some with julia. she deemed this one very fun and very orange.

first time going by herself….here we go!

she loved it! this is a park i remember going to a lot when i was younger with my family, so it’s so fun to take sadie somewhere where i have such fun memories. don’t you love that?

great day. everyone cross your fingers that rory feels better!


  1. Cute pics of Sadie. I love the “sand angel” she’s making while everyone looks at her in amazement! :)
    I love Monterey! My 21 year old son still loves Dennis The Menace Park. We try to get to Monterey every chance we get when visiting home again and my parents in San Jose.

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