play food containers

since i’ve been thinking (obsessing) over sadie’s play kitchen, but not doing anything yet, i thought of making little containers for her kitchen out of old stuff thrown in the recycling bin!

what a great way to use those little containers for something fun!

first I cleaned them out thoroughly…

then used some scrapbook paper and glue to “cute” them up! (i love the little peanut on top)

i have plans to make green beans to go in that container, and i shoved my peanut butter from the sandwich i made in the PB container.

can’t wait for more containers to be used up so i can make more!


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  2. Cute! I love digging through our recycle bin, they like those things better than real toys.

  3. What a cute idea!

  4. What an adorable idea! I love it…and I’m stealing it! :)

  5. Another great idea Jess!!!

  6. Hey Jess, did you see this little play kitchen idea? Here is a link, check it out, maybe it will help you turn the project into a reality, or at least get the creative juices flowing!

    Here is the link

    It is a great idea! I want to make one someday too!

  7. how cute!!! you are so creative!

  8. Holy super cute!!

  9. So adorable. I LOVE your idea to put the fake peanut butter in the jar. Genius!

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