turkey day and black friday

how was your thanksgiving? ours was great, thanks for asking.

we had thanksgiving with my family this year, and it was huge! there were something like 25 people there, and the missionaries from our ward as well. there were tons of yummy appetizers to start us off, hummus, bacon wrapped jalapenos, cream cheese dip, artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, and bacon onion pinwheels. those last three i made, recipes coming soon!

then we took a break, chatted, nibbled, threw a football around…(oddly, joanna was the one urging us to all play football) of course, then we had our corn tradition. everyone gets three pieces of dried corn, and we take turns naming one thing we’re thankful for, for each piece of corn. it’s slightly corny-(heh heh)-but we all love it!

then the feast began! of course sadie chose that moment to wake up from her nap in a foul mood. kids have the greatest timing, eh? we enjoyed all the dishes, especially the mashed potatoes and smoked turkey. (on my dad’s smoker, yum!) i also loved the stuffing and brussel sprouts. (i am THAT person who loves them. weird, i know!) after dinner, frisbees were thrown, you tube videos were watched, and sadie continued to be grumpy. oh well! then we all sang a few thanksgiving songs (betcha didn’t know they had those!), feasted on pie (pear/raspberry, peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate, pumpkin, and apple pie), and played a ridiculous 24 (the tv show) game.

this morning we decided to brave the crowds and head out for some deals! they didn’t have everything we were looking for, but we did get some christmas shopping done, and scored a down comforter for $20! no joke. it was originally $160, marked down to $30, and i happened to have a $10 off a $20 or more purchase, so…tada! saved us $140! can’t beat that. later we’re going to pick out our christmas tree! i want to set up christmas decorations but i’m kinda tired….i’m loving the christmas music on the radio though…we’re those-don’t-play-christmas-music-until-after-thanksgiving kinds of people.

of course, i thought i forgot my camera yesterday, but then found it while we were leaving. hah. hah. anyways, happy late thanksgiving!


  1. sounds like a wonderful day :) happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow how fun to have so many of your family together! The food sounds wonderful! Great deal you got today good for you!

  3. I’m glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. Nice score on the comforter!

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