winter-ish dress and bangs

so finally we had another crafty night last night, so much fun! i made this little dress for sadie, and then helped joanna fix a dress she had…which ended up way cute!

i made it with my peasant shirt pattern, from this tutorial, lengthening the sleeve length, shortening the bodice, adding some bias trim, and then making a quick gathered skirt for the bottom.

it’s pretty baggy in the middle, so it’s held back by safety pins until i make some straps, or figure out what to do with that. 😀

sadie loved the poofy skirt, she was swaying her hips back and forth, hearing the swoosh swoosh against her diaper. haha.

the other day she heard a beat somewhere and started swinging her hips and getting down. it was the cutest, and most hilarious thing ever! i’ve gotta catch it on camera sometime!

did you notice her bangs are a little shorter? they’ve been driving me crazy…especially crazy this morning (notice she’s not even out of her pj’s), so i trimmed them…they’re a tiny bit too short for my liking, and my mom and stephanie are probably rolling their eyes at my amateurish bangs, but oh well! what’s done is done, and i think she looks pretty darn cute nonetheless. 😀


  1. That first picture of her looks so much like you! The bangs totally made me think of young, banged Jessica :)

  2. Rayne just saw the pictures and said, “Look at her hair! What happened to it?” haha!

  3. I think she is so adorable! I love her bangs.
    Hi, you don’t know me, I’m Des, but I like to blog stalk your blog. You have so many cute ideas and I check your blog everyday for something fun to do! Thanks for the inspiration! PLEASE, for my uncreative sake, keep it up! :)

  4. Love the bangs! They dooooo look cute

  5. Love the bangs and the dress. She’s such a cutie!!

  6. What a sweet dress! I love that tutorial for the peasant shirt, thanks for reminding me to make another one. I’ve been considering cutting my youngest some bangs – her hair is always in her eyes and she takes out pony tails like no other.

  7. Sadie looks darling in her new dress and short bangs, don’t worry they will be long again in no time!!

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