pumpkin patch

we headed to the pumpkin patch on rory’s lunch break today. we wanted to avoid the crowds, so we skipped going on saturday. let me tell you, mondays are GOOD days for the pumpkin patch. there were like, 4 other kids there.

anyways…we realized we didn’t have any cash when we got there, but didn’t really want to pay $10 a pumpkin anyways, when a produce stand down the road was selling them for $1. hah! we’ll show you, pumpkin patch!

we’re not above using it for pictures, though. obviously.

sadie does not quite know what to think of this giant green man. you know what? i don’t either. he’s kind of scary.

rory handed her this flower, warning me that the smiles from the flower wouldn’t last forever. they didn’t, but at least i got this shot. then she started ripping the petals off of that and any flower within 2 feet.

it was blazing hot. it does not feel like the END of october. what gives? balancing precariously on a pumpkin. thanks dad!
our one family shot. sadie looks absolutely thrilled to be there.
i hope you can someday forgive me for this picture, sadie. i just couldn’t help myself. (snicker. hehe)


  1. Awww, such cute pictures! Looks like a fun time! We still need to take our kids to their favorite patch…better get on that!! Oh, and no, I haven’t seen that movie you mentioned, but I’ll check it out now that I have your recommendation! 😉

  2. I love Uesugi Farms! If only for the photo opportunities! It’s so colorful there. And the King & Queen thrones are cute! My kids love the slide show on how pumpkins grow…real cheesy but part of our traditional visit to the farm ,along with the over priced train ride around the farm.

  3. I love that pumpkin patch! Brings back fond memories. The pictures are adorable and it’s a parent’s job to have a few good black mail photos.

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