here are some recent birthday gifts i’ve made. if you’re interested, that is.

first, the cards, i love sewing random scraps onto a card and calling it good. so easy and quick. i made rory’s anniversary card a few months ago after i remembered right before bed that i hadn’t made one yet. i hopped out of bed, picked a few scraps out, sewed them on, and was done in less than 5 minutes.

bear with me. i like monograms. i think they’re a great way to personalize a gift! so, sorry if you don’t like your initial. if you know me personally, chances are you may get a monogrammed gift sometime in your life.

chances are VERY good.

this was cassy’s present, a mini quilt to hang in her sewing nook. or, you know, a potholder. whatever floats her boat! I embroidered the C by hand…it took a few pushing daisies episodes.

a little zipper bag for kim.

rayne’s 3rd birthday present, i hope she likes it!

well, i made this one for myself, but i did make an “L” for my mom’s birthday earlier this month. i saw the idea online, but i can’t find the link now, so if you know where it came from, let me know please! it’s a piece of cardboard cut out, and then you hot glue twine around it. simple and soo cute!

oooh what do we have here? a non monogram gift. whew! just a quick t shirt also for rayne’s birthday. i have more gift ideas in the queue for christmas…look out for those sometime!


  1. super cute! love them all!!! i have been wanting to try some shirts like the pieced elements but have been having a hard time finding plain white shirts {for cheap!}. any suggestions?

  2. Very cute, my fav. is the quilted pot holder/mini quilt!

  3. SO SO CUTE!!! I have to say, I was hoping that the “c”s were for me…but then I was all like, hmmmm… that’s a little presumptuous much, it was just a little hope :) They are SO cute!

  4. I loved these ideas, very inspiring! I like the idea of monograming, because it definately does make it feel more personal. I think I may try that for my handmade Christmas I’m doing this year!! Thanks for inspiration!

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