she’s he-re

my new baby-er-camera is here! after a mix up yesterday (i missed the delivery lady by 10 minutes!), it came this afternoon.

the battery is charging as i speak, and i cannot WAIT to try it out! i think maybe we’ll go for a walk today after dinner…oh, do you like my camera strap? yep, i’m such a dork that my camera strap has a cover even before i’ve taken any shots! (i used this tutorial) i loove this fabric, it was a thrifting find, it had a huge sticker on it saying it was from williams sonoma, nice!

i spent my afternoon waiting for it by playing with sadie (she emptied all the bags in the house that she could find), and watching miss pettigrew lives for a day. seriously, like, my favorite movie. i’ve watched it three times already, in less than 6 months or so, which for me is big. usually we watch our movies we own once every few years. lol. we’re big netflixers. love it.

hopefully i’ll have some new pictures later to show ya. 😀


  1. Sweet! So is that a picture of your new camera that you are showing off, or the cute strap? haha! It looks like the strap took the majority of the shot, but seriously cameras aren’t very photgenic.

  2. awesommmmmmmme!!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures you whip out with it! and HELLO! CUTE STRAP!!!! I love it! And sorry i missed your call…and didn’t call you back! haha but i was in the shower and got all dressed and stuff and then by that time it had been like 45 min. since you had called. I know, I know-late shower today.At least i showered! hahh I was making Rice crispy treats! YUMM!!! ok, this is really long! sorry! Love ya!*

  3. Very very cool!

  4. YAY! I just got my new Nikon yesterday and I was jumping around like a loon. It’s such a tease that you have to charge the battery, right?

  5. Love the fabric on the camera strap! This makes me really want to make one.

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