happy early birthday (to me)

wanna hear a cool story? (well, cool for me)

k, listen up.

so, i didn’t think i’d get any other lenses for my camera since they are expensive and we have better things to spend our money on, like the house, or bills.

my uncle lane is visiting this week and had a few canon lenses he was going to sell. i was interested in the telephoto zoomy one (very technical term), but wasn’t sure rory would swing for it. (although he was selling it for only $60!) so i didn’t call him to ask. but when rory got home, i mentioned it, and he said we should get it, since it’s normally priced a few hundred dollars more. (yikes!) i called my dad up to see if my uncle had already sold it, and my dad was kinda beating around the bush,not really giving me a straight answer. i thought maybe he had bought it for himself, but finally he came out and told me he’d bought it for my upcoming birthday present! my brother jordan and rory also chipped in…awesome, eh!? i was so excited! played around with it this morning! here are some of the shots:

this one i was across the room! i’m still not the steadiest, and need a tripod, but still!

this one was taken from our playroom. that fountain is at the back of the yard. (and oh so awesome. anybody want an ugly fountain?)

my dad got this one from across the room as well.

so anyways, i’m excited to have such a cool lens and that we got such a great deal from my uncle! thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday to you – what a fun gift!

  2. Sweet! I can’t wait to see what else you can see through that thing!

  3. I TOTALLY want that fountain. Really.

  4. OK…I am so jealous! You are so lucky! Have fun with your new toy.

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