more food.

my sisters brought along some mini pies on our camping trip and were generous enough to share with me the pie tins. but not the pies. haha. of course, even camping, my crafty mind was anxious to get back to sewing, etc…so i thought of making mini pies for sadie’s mini kitchen.

it didn’t come out perfectly, or exactly how i imagined it, but cute nonetheless. now what other flavors could i try?

blueberry….apple….of course rory would say chocolate satin pie. yum. am i making you hungry?

how about some quesadillas to tide you over? with a side of pico de gallo.

or a plate of fresh out of the sewing machine cookies?

how’s about some ravioli?

ok, this isn’t new, but the packaging is. i washed this old egg container out with hot soapy water, and filled it with my fabric eggs…now i just have 6 more to go for an even dozen.

***on a totally random note, rory and i and my parents and joanna and chris and cassy are going to see wicked on wednesday. I am sooo excited! tell me if you’ve seen it and if you liked it!


  1. I loved Wicked!! You will not be disappointed!!! The guys will like it too, there were lots of guys there with their wives or families:)

  2. we saw wicked on broadway and let me tell you…i was so not excited about spending the money but it was THE best money we ever spent…really!! it was AMAZING! enjoy it! i am jealous!

  3. So I have a Web site for you:

    I thought you’d enjoy it :)

    And cute food stuffs!

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