hate meteors. love pictures.

just watched deep impact with my sister. do you remember that movie? i hate that movie. sobbed my eyes out! i told joanna repeatedly never to let me watch it again. she fired back with plans to watch titanic, and pearl harbor. we are suckers for misery, apparently.

some happy pictures of the past week, coming up. i need em.

strapped sadie into her old bouncer while making dinner tonight. she actually stayed in it, and chilled out with a book. hoping this isn’t a once in a life time occurence.

sadie and gage very focused on opening her birthday present. “i’ll get the back,” says gage. “I’ve got some paper”, says sadie.

playing with her bunny blanketwhat a kook!

bathtime! she’s had a blast playing with her new bath toys she got for her birthday. now we need somewhere to store them. I’m stuck between this one, and this one. anyone have an opinion? please, help!

oh, and my toe hurts still.


  1. i would get the plastic one! we have a fabric frog one and the fabric starts to smell after a while from wet toys…yuck.

  2. We have the Boon Frog and we love it! It also comes as a Lady Bug… Really cute!

  3. I saw the frog at my sister-in-law’s house and fell in love. I’m getting it for the kids bathroom too. I guess if you get it we will match!

  4. Walmart has a turtle too…I like the frog though out of your options.

  5. I heart the boon frog
    we’re gonna get tabitha the boon ladybug.

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