first trip to the beach

well, sadie’s first trip to the beach was interesting, to say the least. we did have a good time…when we were sitting on the blanket or she was in someone’s arms. you’ll see what i mean later.

it was overcast, but pretty warm…it burned off after awhile and was pretty gorgeous! we enjoyed sitting on the blanket for awhile, and tried out sand for the first time with sadie. (crying.) steph and i people watched. then we made our way down to the water. (cue the funeral march, or darth vader’s march, or the “something bad is going to happen” music)

the dip.

the screaming. oh, the screaming. obviously she loved it. hah. she liked hanging out in daddy’s arms, but not in the water. it WAS about 13 degrees F, so you can’t blame her too much.

here’s the proof that i was there today. janae wanted to take a picture of us by what she wrote but we didn’t really know how to pose. i think she hearts us. aww

this was as close to smiling as sadie got today. she liked the seaweed. odd girl.

aww jarom and steph. we had a blast with them today. we sure will miss them when they move to utah. (DON’T DO IT WE BEG YOU)

what? no i didn’t say anything. must be the wind.


  1. It looks like it was a bit cold! You need to come visit us and feel the warm water here:)

  2. Just found your blog through Young House Love…love it! I’ll be adding your link to my blog. Thanks for all of your fun recipes etc!

  3. Maybe she just needs to get used to it. It was only her first time, right? hehe. Rayne still has issues with the water unless daddy and lots of friends are into it (I’m no help with that one…apparently I can’t be trusted.)

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