first steps

so, exciting day yesterday. joanna and i went thrifting and i found a lot of great stuff, a few pairs of jeans, some skirts, a dress, a dollhouse for $15 (more on that later)….oh, and sadie took her first steps….

no biggie.

woo-hoo! we are so excited! now we will be chasing her and wrangling her away from stuff even more!

just kidding. it really is exciting, and she loves it! we’ll see how long it takes til she’s running everywhere.



  1. Awesome! Way to go Sadie! Best of luck keeping up with her!

  2. WooHoo!!

  3. Congrats! So fun when they start walking! It seems like they are all grown up in a day when that happens. :)
    Also, the outfits I saw that were the same was a white polka dotted brown dress (from Kohl’s perhaps?) and a pink white and salmony dotted shirt from Tarjay. Although my daughter’s shirt also has some spots that closely resemble berry juice….

  4. So cute to see Sadie take her first few steps:0)

  5. Yay! Sadie is far too adorable, and you are totally going to have your hands full (even more so!)

  6. Hooray! I need to stop by and see your house and you and of course Sadie walking.

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