dirt. leaves. bliss.

sadie’s first camping trip was a success! she loved everything, the dirt, the bird noises, the focused attention on her…

what is she going to do when there are more grand children?

this is why all of our pictures have her in them. could be worse though. she’s pretty cute.

am i wrong?

she enjoyed the hammock with her aunties

shoulder rides with dad

“backpack” ride with mom

(never doing that again, she’s too big for it and it hurts my back!)

and enjoyed some naps with uncle jarom.

as for the rest of us, we enjoyed:

*yummy meals including chili and cornbread, pork chops and chicken on my dad’s new BBQ, pasta salad, egg mc muffins, loaded hashbrowns with cheese and onions and scrambled eggs, plenty of snacks and cookies, chips, etc.

to be honest, most of our trip revolved around food. doesn’t it always?

*bike rides around the camping loops, reminiscing. (both jarom and i learned to ride bikes when we were kids at mt. madonna)

*an interesting first night in which there were several occurences of (other) people not knowing what to do with themselves after consuming too much alcohol. let’s just leave it at that.

*game playing: settlers of catan, taboo, yahtzee, psychiatrist, i never, and silent football, which ended in some spelling of names with a person’s behind. awesome.

*in all, it was a great trip, and the clothes are already washed so i don’t have to smell the smoke anymore, which is a plus.

p.s. my dora couch makeover has been featured on a few blogs, how cool!

here at fun finds for mom

and here at oh dee doh


  1. so cute, so fun, so jealous!
    I noticed your couch on those blogs, and i was like, DANG my homegirl is practically FAMOUS!

  2. Yay for dirty babies! I remember the couple times we went camping with your family. Fond memories. I enjoyed the felt food too. Makes me hungry. Now all you need is a retro wood kitchen!! They sell them at TARGET!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your couch project being spotlighted on other blogs. Look at all the people you are inspiring!
    Your camping trip sounds like a success. Doesn’t food taste yummy when cooked outdoors? A whole new flavor.

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