is that how long it’s been?

6 years ago today we got hitched. it’s been a blast. not all of the time, granted, but that’s to be expected.

the good thing is we haven’t entirely gotten sick of each other yet, and still have a good time talking and spending time together. we still like watching movies, and playing games (except word ones, rory hates those), and going places (except cities, rory hates those), and seeing plays (wait a second, rory hates those too). oh well. I still love ‘im.


he works hard on our house. every saturday he’s out in the yard, working in the sun.

he works hard to earn a living to provide for us.

he supports my sewing hobby, which, at times can be a little carazay.

he is so dang smart. grrr. too smart sometimes.

he fixed my car window yesterday.

he brought me home a card and a orchid the other day, and i didn’t even bug him! (which he said is why he did it. hmm)

he is an awesome daddy.

he loves me and sadie.

he likes my family. (he and janae especially bicker like brother and sister)

he gives good advice, even if sometimes i don’t want to think he’s right.

he is stubborn, though.

he likes swei jows and camping. (family thing)

he is generous.

he is funny.

love you hun.

the end.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary you two!!

  3. Congrats! You two are an adorable couple. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! You both look exactly the same today as you did then!

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