we’re so glad when daddy comes home

ok, first off. yum. have you seen these new m&m’s?

strawberry and chocolate and peanut butter!

it tastes like….well, i can’t describe it, just go buy a pack and try em! your taste buds will thank you. i promise.

(by the way, thanks to the candy companies for putting the calories on the FRONT of the bag…i so loove knowing how many i’m eating at one time. i saved half the bag for rory, i swear.)

sadie now smiles for the camera.

um, how cute is that? i can’t stand it!

here she is showing off some of her new chompers, she has six in all now. glad she’s weaned…youch!

wow, a nice picture of rory smiling, nay a picture of rory ON the blog. hello there hubby!


  1. Cute smile! I wanted to send you the pics from yesterday, but Chris disconnected internet last night and then stole the camera today! Sheesh! Anyway, tonight I promise!!

  2. I love sweet and sour ANYTHING! Yum! I’ll have to try that recipe.
    Sadie’s new smile with teeth is adorable. They grew in fast.

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