Stencils and swings

Today we had the pleasure of Aunt Nae Nae’s company. Julia and Josh also came over to earn money pulling weeds and had some lunch with us. Their money was already burning a hole in their pocket when they left, Josh having some big plans for it. :) During the afternoon nap I finally got around to making some freezer paper stencils and decorating some onesies. Have you heard of this? It’s so easy and fun! I used the directions on the box and some tips found online. I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

Instant gratification. I also made a “boy” one, but it’s for Cassy’s baby, so I can’t show it here.

After Sadie’s nap we went to the park for some swing fun, although Sadie has recently branched out to the slide too…not by herself, of course.

Rory is leaving me all alone next week while he heads off to Scout Camp. Punk. I really am going to miss him and the help he is with Sadie. Although I am planning some meals to make myself that he won’t eat…like salmon…and mushrooms….yum!! (not together)


  1. ok…what are freezer stencils?

  2. Those are so cute! How nice to have your own gardeners:)

  3. Love how the freezer stencil turned out. I want to try it…one day!!

  4. Ooo! One for baby no name!!

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