next time won’t you sing with me

i know sadie is far from knowing her alphabet, but when did that ever stop me from making something?


i got the idea here, and made them at our craft night last week. they’re super easy and fun to make.

basically, a layer of batting in between some fabric…then you sew around, and clip the edges, and it frays in the wash.

i wanted to have this whole, patchy, non matchy vibe with all my fabrics, but alas, my control freak tendencies came out and they all ended up in blue, white red, and pink colors.

of course, i had to whip up a drawstring bag for storage!


  1. those are so cute! they look pretty simple too. i think i’ll have to make some! i have a hard time not being matchy matchy too…but, i think they still look great even though they match 😉

  2. Very cute! I think Rayne is in need of some rag letters…or maybe I’m just in need of a new project…hehe.

  3. Totally cute! Beautiful timing too, because although I have NO babies YET, I always am looking for crafty things to make for “Someday”…is that sad? Soon enough I will have a house full of wee ones of my own, one at a time of course :)
    So today I was at anthropologie (love this store!) and I found a tic tac toe set, it was like 12×12, black stitches on grey fabric to outline the tic tac toe grid, and knitted x’s and o’s, but these letters would be SO cute!, and I have a feeling I will be making one soon! AWESOME! Keep the inspiration coming jess, I am loving it!

  4. Very cute:)

  5. I love these letters, I have some cut out waiting for me to sew them for my son. Love your colors, I had to go with more boyish colors. I was planning on making a bag for them too:)

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