The top is officially done! I finished it today during her nap, hooray! I love it. It’s very big though. Like twin size. It will cover a lot of people on the couch, which is kind of what I had in mind for it, a throw. Maybe it will be Sadie’s bedspread when she gets into a real bed. We’ll see. Now to pick out the backing fabric and binding and batting.

I had to stand on a chair to get the whole thing.

Not the straightest, but that’s what makes it unique! (at least that’s what I tell myself.)

This morning while I was doing last night’s dishes (which I totally never EVER forget to do, I blame it on Lost), Sadie managed to get herself under our secretary desk….hahaha! She was having a blast playing with the drawer pulls. She cracks me up daily.

On a side note, I got a free sample of those whitening strips, and now I remember why I haven’t whitened my teeth for awhile. It makes my teeth hurt! Ouch.

On another side note, I figured out what was wrong with my stupid dress I made, so I ripped the seams out and am planning to fix it. Dress pattern, you’re going down!


  1. The quilt looks totally cute! And I took your advice that the uneven seams make it unique and did NOT take out the row of quilt squares and restitch them. hehe.

  2. The quilt turned out so cute!! I love it! How funny about Sadie under the desk. Ella gets stuck under her crib…hehehe. :)

  3. You are so talented, Jessica! I’m loving how the quilt is looking.
    You’re also really good at finishing projects. I can’t believe how quick you get everything done.

  4. Oh jessica, your quilt is going to be so beautiful when you are finished!!!! Is’nt it fun when babies start to entertain themselves:)

  5. beautiful quilt! better late than never!

    oh, you know what really hurts- when you fall asleep with those whitening strips on!

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