Memorial day

Happy Memorial Day! I am wiped. Our day started out at the Gilroy parade, which started late, but lasted a lo-ong time! Who knew that small towns had so many cars? There were a ton of old cars and tractors! Lots and lots of tractors. It was odd, but whatever. At first the day was cloudy and chilly, but warmed up pretty quick.

Rory, you just had to, didn’t you?

They had some planes flying low in a formation, and to symbolize fallen soldiers, one of the planes veered off to the left as they flew over us. It was pretty cool!

Again, Rory. What’s the matter with a normal smile?

Sadie loved the little flags they handed out, she at one point had one in each hand, and later, three stuck in her diaper. By Jarom I think.

The whole family (almost) trekked out to Salvation Army later for their clothing sale (50% off!) I scored some cute button up shirts that I want to refab into dresses for Sadie, and also got a dress for Sadie for $2. Not too shabby!

After Sadie’s nap, we headed over for some badminton, swimming, and BBQ. The badminton was so fun, and we worked up a sweat in our swimsuits, hoping for a tan. (I had some lines by the end of the day!)

Later, some of us got into the pool…which was FREEZING. We lied and said it felt great, and then the guys moved the trampoline over next to the pool, and all of a sudden, EVERYONE wanted to go in the pool, excuse me, jump into the pool. Jarom was getting the craziest, spinning around and almost hitting us still in the pool a few times. Now you see why I’m worn out. Sun and water always does that, doesn’t it? Hamburgers, steak, chips, salad, yummy baked beans, cupcakes, and Stephanie’s flag cake were on the menu for the BBQ. Yum. Is all I have to say. Then we played a quick game of croquet, in which I kicked everyone’s trash! For real. Wooo! Yeah. Somehow I got on the roll of a lifetime and went around half the “course” in one turn. yeah baby!

So, in conclusion…Here’s to all of the people who are serving or have served for our country. Thank you.


  1. Sounds like a super fun day! We had a BBQ, too, and I really REALLY wanted to play badminton but couldn’t find the gear. I’m glad one of us got to play…love that game! 😉

  2. Wow I hope you got to sleep in this morning! What a fun way to celebrate the men and women who are serving on our behalf! We have more then a few in our ward here.

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