picnik and dada

I heart this picnik site. Too much fun! Today Sadie kept herself busy while Mom cleaned up around the house by emptying her toy basket. What a funny little girl! She thinks she is, she is always laughing to herself, it’s so cute.

I had crafting ADD today.

During her morning nap I started making curtains for her room, then switched to making curtains for the kitchen, then gave that up and worked on my shop onesies, then switched to towels, and then started picking out fabric for a dress, then a shirt. Started actually making the shirt during afternoon naps, but we’ll see if I can concentrate long enough to finish it. Ever.

We spent the time between dinner and Rory leaving for Mutual on the front porch, please excuse the dusty footprints, we’ve been working on the yard as you know. The breeze felt so good outside, and we saw lots of people walking by that Sadie of course had to wave to. She waved at the cars too, but I doubt they noticed. Their loss.

Our grass is coming in slowly but surely! We can’t wait til we can spread out a blanket and laze around on our beautiful, lush, grassy lawn. hah! We’d get muddy if we tried that now. We also got our plants in, although Rory’s still working on the drip system and we haven’t put the tan bark down yet. It will look so great with that finishing touch…hide all of the flaws and cement.

While we were outside…Sadie said her first distinct word! (and then, over and over and over again til she got sick of it) Of course, it was in Daddy’s favor, but I don’t care at all! I am so proud of my little munchkin. :)

(p.s. Sorry about the video, it’s hard to film Sadie while she’s trying to grab the camera)


  1. I think I’m a little motion sick now, but hooray for Sadie!!

  2. My goodness, she is getting so big… growing faster than your grass! :)

  3. That was soooo cute!!!!

    And I don’t know how you find time for all of your crafts. Sadie must take long naps…lucky you! 😉

  4. CUTE Sadie!!! SO cute! She is SO fun, I am getting more and more baby hungry every day! AAHHHHHH…someday! Anyway, I keep telling John how sick I am of doing homework, I wish I could just craft ALL day LONG!!! I have so many ideas and projects in my head, PLUS scrapbooking and such and I can’t do any of them when I have SO much homework…BLAAAAAH!!!! Good for you, I LOVE seeing all you fantastic creations! Sadie is one lucky gal!

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