her day

Her day included:
-a bath in the kitchen sink (in her infant bathtub, I can’t seem to stop using it)
-wearing her new 50 cent shirt and shorts…love the warm weather!
-play time
-a trip to Target (in which I scored a coat for this winter for $3.24! Yep.)
-a morning nap (which was enjoyed by mom too, she didn’t sleep, but she still enjoys it)
-lunch out with her mom and Great-Grandma (apple vanilla cereal, bread, cereal melts, yogurt, and water)
-flirting with customers at Children’s Place
-a few shirts purchased for her there
-an afternoon nap
-a bad case of bedhead (but oh so cute!)

-playing on her quilt with momma
-trip to donate scrapbooking stuff (that feels good to have that stuff gone!)
-more playing, practiced scooting backwards, very good at it.
-“helped” mom make cornbread and chili for dinner
-played with Daddy when he got home

-ate dinner-mac and cheese (pureed….yum.), bread, and green beans
-trip to Lowe’s with mom and dad for grass seed and concrete border thingies
-stopped by grandma and grandpa Lance’s for a roto-tiller
-became very agitated waiting in the car as it was close to bedtime
-was taken home, changed, fed and put to sleep.
-screamed for awhile.
-mom and dad felt bad and took her out for a minute
-Uncle Jarom stopped by to switch cars with dad for work tomorrow
-Sadie smiled and laughed at Uncle Jarom
-went back into her room and started crying again
-cried self to sleep
-is sleeping.

What a day!


  1. oh my gosh! That first picture is SO adorable, her eyes are SO bright!!! CUTE!!!

  2. What a day is right! :)

    She’s so stinkin’ cute!!

  3. You got so much accomplished, congratulations!! I love how fast Sadie’s hair is growing, I have visions of cute little piggies and ponies this summer:)

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