Life is full of frustration. Trying to crawl, for one thing, or trying to reach your shoe collection. What’s a girl to do?

It’s very rough on Sadie.

Daddy coming home for lunch makes it all better! She likes to grab our hands when we clap, so cute!

Take a look at those chompers! The top ones are currently a work-in-progress, and also very frustrating. (for Sadie and me)

Oh mom, you’re embarassing me.

And our frustration…er triumph! SOME grass is coming out! hip hip hooray!

My frustration today was a dress pattern that I’ve made twice, I tried to make another one today and it was a mess! I need to have my mom look at it. grrr.


  1. I am so with Sadie on the shoe frustrations;) I love seeing the blades of grass that are coming up in your front yard!!!! You are so diligent to try sewing the same pattern more then once, I would have cut it up and used it for the quilt!

  2. Sorry about all the frustrations! Hopefully Sadie will get the crawling thing down soon. They’re so much happier once they finally figure it out! Yay for your grass!

  3. i’m sorry about all those frustrations in life, i now have a hard time bending over and breathing, so i guess i can get frustrated too!!! hahaha!! love ya!

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