early in the morning…

Sadie has been getting a bit…stuck lately. You saw the secretary desk incident. She’s had run-ins recently with her car seat, doors, walls, fireplaces, toys, you name it. She’s working on the forward-motion crawling, and is getting better, but she still reverts back to her backward mode of transportation, the belly scoot. She’s quite good at that…but she tends to back herself into things, and then try to sit up. And then gets frustrated. It’s kind of cute, actually.

Today it was the crib. She was so confused when she finally got herself all the way underneath. Then I crawled under with my camera as well, and she was like, “What is this new magical place under where I sleep?” (I totally understand baby)

Then we played with her newly allowed to play with doll and new dolly quilt. I forced Sadie to crawl to her…she wasn’t too happy but managed it.

Can you see Minnie back there all stewing in jealousy? Don’t worry, she gets her play time in too!

I think the hair is a pretty good match with the Sadesters!


  1. I went to picnik and it IS addicting! I’ve just done one photo, but tomorrow will find me there again with more to play with. haha!

  2. Okay CUTE sadie! Love the doll! And the backwards booty scooty…too hilarious! She get it :) Someday right?

  3. Oh gosh she is cute! You should video the scooting.

  4. Ha ha cute!!! She is pretty pretty funny and SO fun!! The doll is super cute!! Haha i love when she scoots backwards!!

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