Spring is coming…

…and I thought I should get ready! Today I made this little banner with some scrapbook paper, letters, and ribbon. It took me tops, ten minutes! I love having a stash of stuff to make something random out of on a whim.

I also made some more of these eggs. They are soo quick and fun to make! I want to make many, many, more. Click here for the tutorial.

On that note, today was WT-Day. Wisdom Teeth day. It’s been an hour or so and I can feel the ouch coming. I had three taken out today (the other one was removed years ago), and two were a breeze, the other one he had to numb me up an additional, like 5 times to get me numb enough. That sucker HURT! Oh well, it’s over now. Here’s to a mashed potatoes and yogurt diet for a while.


  1. No fun about the wisdom teeth!!!

    Love those eggs and that banner–I’ll have to make one myself. Too cute!

  2. Once again…You rock Jessica! I wish that some of your craftiness would rub off on me.
    I Hope you mouth feels better soon.
    Are you eating Sadie’s baby food!LOL

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