Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had a fun, food-filled Easter today! It started with an Easter egg hunt at my parents house, followed by egg salad sandwiches (one of Rory’s favorites, haha), and then church. Back to the egg hunt, actually, back to this morning at our house!

Sadie, in her new Easter dress sewed by my mom, pawed through her Easter basket with glee! She loved her jungle bath toys the most…

Then, the egg hunt! She obviously didn’t know what was going on…I think I got her to pick up like three eggs…it was soo cute!

Jordan and Julia rushing around…their bags/baskets were bulging by the end!

Janae found the coveted “golden egg”. You get a special prize for finding this…Janae was so excited that she found it the last year she’ll be looking for eggs. I say, look one more year, who cares?

Joanna and I took a break to strike our best “modely” poses. Pretty good, eh?

Sadie REALLY wanted her basket!

The family picture, of course…yes, Rory always looks like this in pictures. It’s all I can do to get him to smile naturally in like 1 out of 100 pictures. geez!

After church got out, we headed up to Morgan Hill for an awesome dinner put on by Rory’s mom, including a ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli, crescent rolls, sweet potatoes (or yams?), deviled eggs (my favorite!), and a bowl of candy. (Rory’s favorite!) We played a few games of Blokus, and luckily Sadie went down for bed easily there, and when we moved her…she’s such an easy going baby! A few whimpers, and that’s it. So, all in all, great first Easter for the bebe, and a fun one for us, they’re all more fun with a baby!


  1. Sadie looked adorable in her new Easter dress…you did such a great job on it! Looks like you guys had a super fun Easter!

  2. So fun! I love the pink and green together and her shoes are super cute! But I am a little mad because you posted before me and stole my title! hehe. Ah well.

  3. You all look so cute…even Rory..LOL. Hope you feel better! Can’t wait to see pics from the wedding.

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