Helloooo….nope, not pregnant.

Sorry to those of you I fooled today with my “pregnancy” announcement! Muwahahahaaa….I got my sisters, mom, and dad too. Sorry guys, not for awhile. 😀 How was your April Fools? Did you get fooled by anyone? I spent the day mostly driving, haha. Cassy and I packed the little ones up to go to the church bookstore up in San Jose. I got a few churchy board books for her to look at during church, I am so excited! I also got what looks like a good book about motherhood that I am excited to start reading. On the way back down we stopped off in Morgan Hill for a bite to eat with the dads. They both had pot roast, and Cassy and I had yummy salads at Marie Callendars. On the way home from there, both the kids were cranky, Sadie cried almost the entire way home. She took a long nap after we got home, luckily, and was in a better mood after that. Once Rory got home and we had dinner, we decided to take a walk over to my parents and drop in. They love when we do that! Or at least, they’d better. haha. Once we got back we were trying to feed Sadie (when I say we I mean ME…you know), and she was NOT having it…then I discovered it. Another tooth coming in! Agh poor baby! It’s her other bottom front tooth. She chewed on her frozen teether for awhile and that with some numbing stuff seemed to help. I just love teething. not. Before all that, my uncle Scott stopped by with a canvas print from Sadie’s photo session. It looks A. MAZ. ING! I will try and get a picture of it hanging in it’s new spot, I can see it from my desk and my bed! With that, here are some more pictures from the other day!

Slight smile….while she was in her first and last outfit she didn’t smile much.

I love this one!

hehe what a cute lil stinker!

That silly scrinchy grin!

She’s fading fast…her wave was getting limp…look at that face!

She’s like, “MOM I’m sick of this!”


  1. Awww, she is too cute! My fav is the one of her with her tongue out…I love it!

  2. Those pictures seemed to show all of her emotions! You’ll really treasure them as she gets older.

  3. Cute,cute,cute!!!! Sounds like you had a fun filled All Fools day!

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