Happy (late) Birthday JoBo!

Oh don’tcha love me? I love you! muwahaha…So, here’s to: saying the same things at the same time, watching PB and GG, quoting endless dumb movies, word G-man, Roll.. Snowflake, spending quality time with our pals Ben and Jerry, and generally having a blast together whenever we’re together. I’m glad to have you as a sister, and glad we survived growing up together without hating each other…although we came close with that banana in your hair incident. Sorry about that, again. Also sorry about this picture, but it’s the worst I had. You’re just too photogenic for your own good. Brat.


  1. haha, nice pic. my hair is pretty awful, i must say.

    and, no, you’re not forgiven for the banana-in-my-hair incident. that is unforgivable! punishable by a life term in Azkaban!

    p.s. we should hang out with Ben and Jerry more often

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