Gilroy’s party

Last night was our chance to partay down here in Gilroy in honor of Jarom and Stephanie’s wedding last week! My mom worked so hard getting everything ready, and she loves this stuff, so she had a blast…I saw her all day with a smile on her face while we were setting up. lol!
We set up the chairs, etc in the afternoon…it was so nice and warm…contrasting with later that night…

Jarom’s favorite cookies are Oreos….so my mom went a little nuts and made THREE cakes that looked just like oreos! (one was chocolate caramel, one red velvet, and one oreo cheesecake) They looked A-Ma-ZING!….exactly like a giant oreo. I didn’t get a picture of the best part…my Uncle Scott somehow printed out on foam board an oreo box! To cover them until the reveal…it looked awesome!

A close up….they put on all those tiny little details…ca-razay.

My favorite part were the paper lanterns…so pretty and simple!

Ok, my REALLY favorite part was cute lil Sadie and her (of course new and sewn by moi) skirt.

What a great pic…look at their faces..Stephanie’s face is hilarious. She’s like…oh Brother.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, I think! It was pretty chilly…

Later on, before Sadie went down for the night in her pack and play, she chowed down on a banana…guess I should stock up, she loves em!

Stephanie threw her bouquet (which somehow her mom got to last all week looking pretty perfect!) to Single Ladies by Beyonce, pretty cute! Jessica Mora, our long time next door neighbor, caught it. We’ll be looking for that announcement, Jess!

Later even more…we got down wit our bad selves. Oh yeah! Stephanie couldn’t raise her arms all the way because of her sleeves…it was hilarious during YMCA…hehe.

The Wallflowers.
They couldn’t help but rip into their presents afterwards, I remember opening ours, it was a blast!



  1. Looks like such a great time! Love all the decorations and your mom’s cakes were amazing! I can’t even imagine attempting that detail work!

  2. I am blown away by the oreo cakes. They look yummy too!
    Sounds like a fun evening. The Lance family knows how to party!

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