Could it be ANY easier to dress up a plain jane tee? I found this idea here at this awesome blog and just had to try it out. Plus, it’s great to use up those tiny scraps that you just can’t part with…which is something of a trend here lately.

Sadie figured out how to sit down after standing at her play table today! So exciting, and she wanted to do it over and over again, of course! She’s acting so grown up lately…eating lots of solids, getting more mobile. She tried cottage cheese today and loved it! She’s also cut out two (of five) of her nursing sessions per day. My big girl! She goes all night long now without nursing and 5 hours between during the day. She’s said “mama” very distinctly but not towards me, so I think it will be hard to pinpoint a “first word”.

When she wakes up maybe I will have her try her new shirt on…

We’ll see how she’s feeling!

P.S. don’t you just LOVE that fabric? It came in the mail today and I can decide what to do with it…pillow, or use it in tiny projects to make it last longer….what to do!? hehe


  1. Very cute shirt! I think Rayne said she wants one too. Well, maybe I thought it in my head, but either way…hehe.

  2. thanks for saying hi! the first birthday party is so much fun – enjoy planning it!! and i love your shirt creation. someday when i have a girl i’ll do this!

  3. Very cute Jessica. It is such a great way to use scraps.
    Don’t babies grow up way to fast?

  4. SO cute! I’m totally going to make some!

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