Our day

The weather today was soo nice! We just had to get out for a long walk on the levee. Sadie even left her hat on. (most of the time) We enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze, and saw lots of squirrel and quails. There was lots of rustling in the brush that my overactive imagination was a bit wary of. haha.

I remembered to put sunscreen on!

Both of us!

The sky was gorgeous blue, and Sadie looked up when she heard an airplane, for the first time. Can you see it?

Of course, we made a stop on the way home at the park for some swings. What else?

Actually we were going to go on the slides, but SOMEONE wet their pants. Not me.

Later Sadie watched me change the art in her room…more on that later.

She even offered Bear for support/and or construction work. How sweet!

How was your day?


  1. HI!!!!!!!! I found out how to sign on!!!!!! Sadie is such a cutie, I just want to eat her :) I won’t, I promise. Yay!

  2. Those little plaid pants are the cutest!

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