Mish Mash

Picture #1: Plants and etc for the front yard. Star Jasmine, Boxwood plants, rosemary, gardenias, rock, iberis, grass, and two other plants I don’t remember. Most of these are chosen for looks. I don’t know a thing about gardening! I did buy some pink gardening tools the other week though. So cute! haha.

Picture #2: A new dress for Sadie…with professional machine sewn button holes. My mom came over yesterday to show me how. (yeah you didn’t really think I did them on my own, huh?) I tried, but it wouldn’t work..seriously. My mom scared it into working. This was a quick and easy dress, so expect to see more of this pattern. hehe

Picture #3: Cutie McChickadee in her little girl PJ’s! Oh so cute. I just want to gobble her up!

Picture #4: Happy Birthday to Stephanie! Today is her real birthday, but while she was here last week we had some cupcakes to celebrate. Hope your day is oh so fun! Check out her blog…she got an awesome gift from my brother!


  1. I want to eat her up, too! She’s so adorable and I love that dress you made!!! How do you make those cool collages?

  2. I love your landscape ideas!!!! Sadies dress turned out so stinkin’ cute. Good job on the button holes, the buttons are so cute:)

  3. I love Sadie’s dress! Thank heavens for moms, right? They always know what to do.
    Good luck on your gardening. I love working in the garden. It’s therapeutic for me. I think I need some cute pink tools too!

  4. Little Sadie is so stinkin’ cute! I love the little dress you made her. Buttonholes are a little intimidating until you actually try them, not so bad. Good thing your mom is minutes away.

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