Homeschooling…is cool!

Today the kids came over to do school at my house since my mom is off galavanting in New York City for the weekend. No biggie. Back to that later. We did play some educational games (Friday is their “fun” day, wish I had a fun day back in the schooling days), and did some baking and sewing on top of that! How funnnn! Our sewing project was a stuffed animal or “softie”, as they are called in the blogging and softie-mania world. They decided the animals they wanted to do and drew them out themselves! (Joshie with a little help from me.) Julia made a tiger and Josh made a whale.

They even sewed them up themselves! Patiently I might add.

After Sadie woke up from her nap we made a picnic lunch and enjoyed it at the park. It was soo nice. I almost fell asleep in the warm sun before I remembered my baby and the two kids I was in charge of. haha.

They stuffed them up and even hand stitched them closed! Nice work guys!

Then of course I had to whip one up for Sadie, another whale! We named Sadie’s Willy the Whale, and Josh’s was Wonka the Whale. Get it? haha we’re clever.

How cute are they? It was so fun having them over today!

P.S. So my mom and the twins are in New York this weekend for a Chamber choir trip. (not jealous, not jealous), and they’ve been sending me pictures on my phone from everywhere they went today! The stock exchange, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and having some New York pizza. Yep, and now they’re watching the Phantom and Lion King on Broadway. Nope, not jealous at all.


  1. Those “softies” turned out so cute!! Sounds like you had a busy, but very fun, day!!

    P.S. Love your new playlist!!

  2. Lets have a fun Friday!

  3. Very cute!!! I am sooo so jealous, I have never been to New York City!!!! I want to go sooooo bad!!!

  4. so you grew up homeschooled? cool. i didn’t, but since i am homeschooling i might have questions for you!

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