Oh SOOO cute!!

So my uncle Scott is an awesome photographer/artist. He’s been doing it for years and is oh so talented! He’s also always given me pointers when I was really into photography, and been supportive and encouraging in whatever creative things I do! Anyways, I stopped by his studio randomly last week and he offered to take some pictures of Sadie, and here are some of the best, although for real, it was SOO dang hard to narrow them down. He did a great job with a not so great baby. haha. She was just in a mood…and it’s hard to get her to smile on command. Aren’t these just ADORABLE? The top one he’s going to print on canvas (cool!), and the other two are going to be 8×10’s.

Awwww…pondering the meaning of life….or the status of her diaper?

That little smirk is so cute!

So, if any of you in the Bay Area would like to get some awesome pictures, let me know and I’ll tell my uncle!


  1. Those are adorable! Scott emailed me some proofs too from Sadie’s photoshoot. She is so cute. Much better than the other pics you had taken a couple mths ago.

  2. Very cute! Chris just said we should have him do our family pics. You’ll have to let us know what his going rate is. So sweet!!

  3. Scott did a great job (as usual…) I wish we lived closer so I could have him take some of Lia and the boys. I hope Jenni brings her camera when she comes in April so I can mooch a photo shoot off her instead.

  4. Sadie looks like a doll. Your uncle captured her expressions perfectly.
    I love the one of her looking up as if she’s pondering.

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