It rained….rained….and rained again today. It made for another cozy day! After dinner we played around with Sadie in her room, which we don’t spend much time in oddly. Anyways, here are some pictures of our evening!

Aren’t those blue eyes so pretty?

Rory and Sadie have this game where he plops her on his head, she leans over until she sees him…

…and then laughs or smiles uproariously. It’s quite cute.

She was being surprisingly photogenic and congenial. Lookit all these big words I’m saying.

Then we headed over to my parents for some cookies and cream cheesecake. It was delish! The cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents were abundantly present. 😉 It was fun to meet my uncle’s fiance’s son Cory, and talk more with Robin! Everyone loves Sadie, but I don’t know if anyone can compete with Janae’s level of adoration. If she is within 100 yards of Sadie she wants to hold her. hehe. Anyways, Joanna was playing some tunes on her ol’ violin, so I joined in, it was fun to play again…my mom keeps bugging me to bring mine over so she can tune it. I will Mom, this week. (if I remember) Then Jarom started playing.

Good job guys!

Jarom was a wee bit rusty. :-)


  1. So, I just noticed that all of your names start with J…do all of the kids names in your family start with J? How have I never noticed this before? 😉

    As always, Sadie is adorable!! Love her cute little dress!

  2. Oh gosh you have a cute baby!

  3. sounds like what we do on Sunday evenings! Tons on fun!!!

  4. Sadie is sitting up so well!!! I love her polka dot dress and her blue eyes are adorable!!!! Cheesecake looks wonderful, can we all have the recipe?

  5. Isn’t Jarom just SO cute! haha I think so! :) and Sadie is getting SO big! I LOVE that dress that she’s wearing! SO fun! I can’t wait to have babies!! :) not for a while though! UGH!

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