Sunday: Church and food

Am I right? Most of our Sundays revolve around church and food. Not a bad way to spend a day if you ask me! We had a regional stake conference today, so church was 3 hours earlier, which was nice for us, but Sadie was pretty grumpy halfway through. Oh well! We lazed about in the afternoon, and then got ready for my family to come over for dinner. Which meant they had to bring an extra table and chairs and plates. So sad, we need more plates. And chairs.

This table cloth was a housewarming gift from one of Rory’s clients from a project at work. She’s from Russia and she brought us this beautiful tablecloth+napkins for our new house. It’s even prettier in person!

Anyways…it was a success! We had tacos/burritos with some home grown cilantro (among other things) for a garnish! Yum. I also made my famous peanut butter bars for dessert so we chowed on those, then took a break for FHE and games, then went back for some more dessert that my mom had made…see what I mean about the food? Anyways, it was a lot of fun, and not too many dishes, right Rory? (he actually did them for me tonight! YAYAYAY)

Forcing-I mean letting my family look at Sadie’s scrapbook.

So these flowers are “from” Rory for Valentine’s day. He’s horrible (sorry hunny) at remembering to get me flowers. Plus, he thinks they’re lame cause they die. Me, I LOVE fresh flowers. They liven up a house soo much. I put them in the cart at Safeway the other day and said “Thanks hun.” Sigh. Wish I didn’t have to buy myself flowers. HINT HINT.

Tossed these Chrysanthemums in for good measure! (BTW, I totally spelled that all by myself! haha)


  1. I’m sorry that your hubby doesn’t get you flowers…yet I’m so happy that we are in the same boat. Jeff doesn’t do it either. I got my own flowers this year too. When will they ever learn??? PS-LOOOOVE the table cloth!

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