our week…

Sadie has had quite the week! First, learning to “play” the violin. Her first music lesson from Grandma. It ain’t coming from me! I may know how to play a few instruments (and not well, mind you), but I’m definitely not good at teaching them.

All of the excitement so far has worn her out!

Another trip to the park. She’s already getting good at the parental eye roll. I was GREAT at that growing up! (right, mom?!)

New toy to play with and drool all over. Quilt was finished and puked on. All in a day’s work for a baby!
Finally, working on her rolling over technique. She’s got a ways to go, but she’s working on being more consistent for the next Summer Olympics.

As for us parental peoples, Rory’s been working away, I’ve been doing my thing, and we’re going to Disneyland in two weeks again. The glory of season passes! Rory has a conference thingy down in Anaheim, so we figured, why not? Hotel prices were CHEAP-O! We’re stealing Joanna to drive us down-come with us I mean. It will be a blast! I hope it doesn’t rain! I got Sadie this cutie little swimsuit for the summer, so maybe if the pool is heated we will take a dip.


  1. I almost bought that exact swimming suit for Ella the other day!!!! I had it in my hands and everything…but they didn’t have her size. Bummer…it’s sooooo stinking cute!!! I’ll have to check back. I want one!!!

  2. Roll your eyes baby! Good work Sadie! Her arms in a blur reminds me of the commercial with the runner and his blackberry where his legs are a blur! LOL!


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