Goober is my nickname for the Sadie meister. Well, one of them. We had a pretty good day today, besides the needles. She had her six month appointment today, so three more shots. Poor baby! She did great until that point, flirting with the doctor and everyone who walked by. I counted seven people while we were waiting just for the shots that stopped to wave or talk to her. She smiled at ALL of them! She was workin’ the crowds! hehe. What a cutie. She was in a great mood. Darn shots. She cried all the way home and until I nursed her to sleep, then enjoyed a Tylenol aided nap for an hour and a half. (her, not me)

She felt much better after that! Then we headed back out for a major shopping/grocery trip to Wally World…which she was an angel for. Yessss. I also picked up her pictures we had taken a few weeks ago, I think they’re cute, but I could do just as well. I wish I had a better camera though. (BTW Julia, Josh, and Joanna, I left your pictures in your rooms. Hope you found them ok)

Cutie with a booty! (although you can’t see it in this pic) She weighs 16 lbs 10 oz and is 25 inches tall. 50th percentile for weight and a wee bit of a shorty. That’s my girl!

Sadie was in a giggly mood when we got back, so I had a blast tickling her and “eating” her tummy. She loves it and so do I! She was giving me big slobbery kisses and trying to give me hickies on my cheeks as well. Aren’t babies a hoot?! Anyways, then Aunt Nae Nae came over and we puttered around and went to my parents house for an Easter dress fitting. My (awesome incredibly talented) sewing mom is making her Easter dress, and it is going to be CA-UTE! I can’t wait to see it finished. She also let the cat out of the bag on an even MORE awesome project, but I am mum on that til it’s finished. We headed back over to our house to make dinner for the missionaries from our ward (pasta with meatballs, breadsticks, veggies, and oreo pie for dessert), which was a success! We had Janae and Jarom both over, so it was a full table with 7 of us around it! (including Sadie) We need a bigger table! Someday…so after Rory got back from Mutual, I headed off to Cassy’s for some hot tubbing. That hot water felt good! Now I”m going to bed. Possibly before I make it to my bed. ZZzzzz. Night Night.


  1. What a darling picture of Sadie! I love her dress! And now I’m craving Oreo pie…thanks a lot. 😉

  2. Aww, Sadie is so cute. Love that she’s a petitey cutie pie. Oreo pie? I want the recipe!!

  3. Sadie is a cutie! But, you’re right, you could’ve done better. At least with the background. Still a sweetie! Hot-tubbing was fun, but maybe next time we can find some time without interuptions…

  4. Oh my! Sadie is so adorable. She’s gotten so big. We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you in a few months. I just can’t get over how much she’s grown. She looks a lot like you Jess.

  5. That is so not fair. Ezra has been teething for months now and still no teeth. Yes I was able to convince Mandy to come. It’s going to be so much fun. Just think both of our kids could possibly be walking by than. Crazy huh?

  6. Hi, Jessica! I check out your blog daily. Hope you don’t mind. I just want to say Sadie will always get attention from strangers, not just because she’s so cute, but also because of her red hair. Redheads get noticed. Shauna

  7. too true, too true! Her hair is growing in with some blond though…so we’ll have to wait and see if she’s a true redhead or strawberry blond!

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