Saturdays rock!

Reasons Saturdays rock:

I get to shower without baby in the bathroom with me. (in her bouncer)
I get to eat breakfast without bouncing baby on hip or placing in swing.
We get to go see movies (separately of course, Rory’s turn this week)
Cassy and I had a great talk whilst the boys were watching some bloody vampire movie. (if it doesn’t have Edward in it, it’s not worth it, am I right girls?)
We get to go out to lunch with friends (the Watsons)
We got to watch LOST finally. (Uh…time travel? really?)
We got to have some family over for cake and dominoes. (we didn’t eat the dominoes silly)

Rory gets to hang out with Sadie:

Uhhh….couch potato in the making? No, don’t worry. We don’t let her “watch” TV for long periods of time. At least, I hope not…Rory?

I also worked on some onesies for my etsy store. How cute are these monogrammed onesies for some triplet boys? Aww

Oh, and Sadie had some rice cereal today for the first time!

She loved it, can you tell? No, really. She ate it all with barely a grimace!

Notice our intense, concentrated stares.

Rory had some fun making choo choo train sounds. hehe


  1. Totally fun. Sadie looks like she really enjoyed eating, youguys…not so much. hehe.

  2. She looks like such a BIG girl sitting up in her high chair like that! How fun!

  3. What a fun milestone! Rice cereal! I love it when the babies turn orange from eating carrots or sweet potatoes! Your onesies are so simple and cute…

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