The past few days….

Ugh, I’m making myself sick right now by eating all my Christmas candy. Well, not ALL of it, but an entire Lindt Snowman has now met his demise. Poor little guy never had a chance. Cassy and I did some full on shopping today, hitting up Ikea (again, I know!), Old Navy and Home Goods. I got the duvet cover I had been pining after since my last trip, and it looks pretty darn cute! Needs some pillows…I feel another project coming on!

I finally got my craft room cleaned up from Christmas (it was wrapping presents central) so that’s been nice and I’ve been working on some new things and enjoying my sewing machine again. Also the watching of Friends that comes along with that.

Yesterday poor baby had to get some more shots at the doctor’s. I didn’t have Rory to defer to, so I had to hold her down while looking across the room and trying hard not to sniffle too loud. She’s been quite the grump and her poor little leg is red and a bit puffy. (don’t worry, we checked on it and they said it’s a normal side effect) She weighs 15 pounds now! No wonder my arms….excuse me, guns, are so buff lately. I LOVE not having to work them out!(not that I do anyways, so even more of a bonus!)

We also visited with my grandparents yesterday, who enjoyed seeing Sadie! She even laughed for the occasion! One of these days we’ll get a good video her giggles and post it up. I swear, it’s the cutest thing. ever.

Tuesday night Joanna and Jarom came over to make….a Barbie movie! Ok, we used to spoof movies and books with Barbies when we were young. Ok, I was in High School. But still, it was so fun. We did Harry Potter, Sweet Valley High, Star Wars, Oklahoma!, and now…..Twilight! Wow it was pretty humiliating-I mean funny! The whole fam is coming over to watch it tonight. The little guys absolutely LOVE when we make them. Jarom is our funny man. I’m the camera person and producer, and Joanna fills in the blanks. Should be good for a laugh!

Tonight we were watching TV, and Sadie noticed my ring. Next thing I know:

She just had to get a taste. Yummm…diamonds!


  1. LOOOOOVE the duvet cover!!!! Very cool!!!

  2. You’ve been busy! Loooooove that bedspread!!! You’ll have fun making pillows to match it, I’m sure! So, is there anyway to post your video on here? 😉

  3. Oooooooh! You are an awesome shopper! Love the duvet cover, hopefully you have a duvet to cover. LOL. Sadie is so cute. She has perfect reddish hair. I can’t wait to see what new items you turn out in your craft room!!

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