It’s so glamorous being a parent.

Look closer.

That dark spot on her pants and shirt.

Yes. A diaper exploded today.

I changed the color to black and white to spare the innocent.
(believe me, it was yucky)

Blowout! This is only minutes after the fact! Somehow her diaper just exploded. haha. We don’t get these often, so it was kind of funny. Anywho, she got a second bath and was happy as can be!


  1. Yes, parenthood is quite glamorous, isn’t it? Ella has blow outs ALL THE TIME! And I swear she does it on purpose so she can get in the tub. The girl loves baths! Hehehe.

  2. Wow, is this your first blow out? Congrats! She’s finally taken your poop exploding viginity! Go Sadie!

  3. That was my most un favorite part about babyhood! So glad you are taking it so well:0)

  4. Wow! That was a major one! Go Sadie!!

  5. Oh yeah, we have had many of those. Besides bleach, I found that baking soda is the only other thing that will get the stain out.

  6. haha. I get those all the time from my lil sis.

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