No, I am not posting a picture to show off my child’s enormous noggin, although the camera angle might lead you to believe that. Just look at how red her hair is! Definitely her daddy’s hair.

We got out for a walk with Kim and Payton today….the weather is gorgeous!

73 degrees, or so Yahoo says.

I believe it!

P.S. Maybe, just maybe we will post the Twilight Barbie movie…you might have to bribe Rory, cause I have no idea how to do it! hehe


  1. Oh PLEASE PLEASE post the movie!!! I’ve been waiting to see these barbie movies i hear so much about! Jarom claims he’s not “playing” barbies but i have to see it for myself to make sure i’m not marrying a barbie playing man!!! :) he he

  2. Her hair is totally red! So cute! So fun that you guys could get out and enjoy the sun!

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