We had a holly jolly Christmas

Did you? Our Christmas was very nice indeed. It started on Christmas Eve with our annual pizza dinner. Rory and I went to Mountain Mike’s and enjoyed being the only customers and listening to a blaring sports program whilst we ate our yummy pizzas. Then it was on to the Lance family Christmas program, where Joanna and I performed our highly anticipated and well received “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” dance. It was a smash hit! There were also violin and piano solos by Josh and Julia, and the choir geeks–er, kids…sung The Holly and the Ivy, very nicely. Much more nicely than I could ever hope to. Then, of course, we acted out the Nativity. Everyone was so, so excited to have a REAL baby Jesus this year. Luckily our actress performed her part very well, with only a slight meltdown that was easily fixed with a binky and toy.

Janae as the Angel/Star, Josh and Julia as Joseph and Mary, Sadie as baby Jesus, and Joanna as the donkey. Don’t ask me why she wants to be the donkey, but EVERY year she does. What a strange and funny girl.

Rory and Jarom were the Wise Men, and Sadie liked their gifts very much!

After the program, it was Gramma Jammies time! For years, my Grandma Lance has given the grandkids PJ’s for Christmas, and we open them Christmas Eve, so’s to wear them all day the next day. My mom was so excited to start buying her Gramma Jammies, she had Sadie’s picked out way back in September! hehe.

Awww two cuties in their PJ’s!

The next morning we had a late start. 7 am. hehe. The little guys were complaining, but my parents (and the rest of us) were grateful to Sadie for putting off the festivities in lieu of some much needed sleep. She liked tearing at the paper, but of course didn’t really get what was going on.

Sadie made out like a bandit…well, not so much with her stocking stuffers….you can’t really buy a baby candy…

My parents opening their gift from the kids-tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco next week! LUCKY!

Sadie was a champ! She was happy and gurgling the entire day until she got sleepy, then she would just collapse. No fuss, no muss. It was awesome!

We also got to chat with my brother Justin, who’s on his mission in Ireland right now. He kept trying to impress us with his “accent” but really he sounded the same. We just smiled and nodded. Too bad he couldn’t see us… It was a great first Christmas for Sadie, we hope. It was dang fun for us at least! We had everyone over in the evening for snacks and games. We played some crazy fun Mario Kart on our Wii!

We even had some Christmas poppers all the way from England, courtesy of Jarom. That’s where they got these awesome crowns. Yeah, they’re stylin’.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! Looks like you had some good times! It’s crazy funny to watch your kid play with the paper more than the expensive toys!!! I love the expression on your Mom’s face when they opened their gift! Classic.

  2. I keep saying this…bt you have the CUTEST baby ever!!!! She looks like she had the best first christmas ever! Oh and yes, I will be calling you sometime on the 30th so we can make plans for the 31st if you are down.

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun Christmas! Sadie looked adorable in her new Christmas jammies, but I loved her little reindeer outfit best! Hehe. :)

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