Light up that tree!

Tonight we went to the downtown tree lighting and Christmas parade in Gilroy. Boy, do we go all out…we had Santa there! We also had candy thrown at us, sirens blaring at us, and Sadie loved it! She had a blast watching all the people and various automobiles in the parade go by. She never even fussed at all! She just fell asleep later on in her carrier like a champ. Didn’t even cry when we switched her to her car seat and then at home to her bed. What a good girl!

Well, most of them looked at the camera.

This one is cropped weird because, Dad, you had a weird look on your face over Rory’s shoulder.

See? We even had the Grinch stop by our parade. High profile!

Rory’s favorite BBQ joint had Santa and a pig driving. Not a real pig.

While we were mingling in the streets we started singing and dancing along with Elvis. Doesn’t standing in the street after a parade make you feel so rebellious?

The purty tree….when we counted down from ten…I couldn’t help but say Happy New Year afterwards…I suppose it’s a habit. lol


  1. Oooooo. Looks like a fun time! :)

  2. I wish we could’ve attended with the family. Looks like everyone local attended. This is the best time of year!

  3. HOW FUN!!! The picture of sadie in her baby bjorn looking at everything is so precious!

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